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Bed bugs are great hitchhikers and infestations often begin with luggage and clothing. They bite us and make us itch. So when you have bed bugs in your laundry, you need to handle it properly to do bed bug treatment correctly.

Larger cities from London to New York are riddled with bed bugs because of the people constantly traveling in and out of them. This is why it’s so important to check your hotel mattresses and any luggage before you unpack for bed bugs.

Having the knowledge on how to deal with bed bug infested laundry is key to eliminating a bed bug control problem. Using the right temperatures and conditions of your laundry can kill bed bugs at every stage of life.

Here are some ways you can treat your laundry for bed bugs.

expressive mom


  • Freezing – Putting your laundry in a very cold freezer can kill bed bugs at every life stage. You will need a chest freezer to do this, because it has to be around -17 degrees below freezing. If you leave your laundry in the freezer for around 8 hours, all of the bed bugs should die. After that, you can wash the laundry as usual.
  • High temperatures – Putting all of your laundry in the tumble drier and setting it to a high temperature will kill off bed bugs. Just a 10-minute cycle can kill around 75% of the bed bugs living in your laundry. Remember that it needs to be hot though. A cool dry will not kill any bed bugs, and they may infest your dryer.
  • Dry cleaning – Probably the most effective way of cleaning your laundry when it is infested with bed bugs is taking it to be dry cleaned. This is perfect if you have delicate items which can’t be washed normally at home.

Bag your clothing – Put your clothing into a bag and leave it in a hot area (either outdoors in the sun or in the boot of your car). This is great if you don’t have a dryer, or if you have more delicate items that you can’t afford to have dry cleaned.