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Food plays a big role in recovery, with the right mindset and diet, recovery should be easy. While recovering we should focus on foods that affect the mood. Probably the most popular food that affects the mood are bananas, they fight depression and promote relaxation and proper sleep.

Eating yogurt will help us normalize our digestive system. Blueberries will boost your immune system and clear out various toxins. Tomatoes also support good immune function, also they help reduce the risk of wound infection, so be sure to put a few tomato slices in your sandwich. Fish promotes mental clarity and a sense of well-being. Basically you should stay away from fast food and try to eat as much vegetables and fruits as possible.


Of course you shouldn’t forget to drink a lot of water, stay away from energy drinks and caffeine, milk and water should be your preferred drinks. Water is critical for proper body temperature regulation. Try not to eat until you’re too full, instead, eat until you’re not hungry anymore. Stay away from too much sugar. Tofu can help
repair liver damage, if you were drinking too much alcohol, your liver might not be in a good state. Although any protein will engage liver function, the liver doesn’t produce bile to break down any fat with tofu, allowing it to slowly heal.

Written by
David Curtis

Email: david at sprouthealthgroup dot com


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