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It is a known fact that bullying has been a huge problem that happens in schools (and it continues on, even well into adulthood, which is why you hear about workplace bullying as well), and the problem is even a lot worse now with evolving technology. I was bullied a lot when I was in middle school, and I am affected even to this day by it, which is now over 30 years later. And, at the same time, I am thanking my lucky stars that there was no such thing as social media back then. Otherwise, the bullying that I had endured would have been much, much worse if cyberbullying was in the picture.

Unfortunately, I was the one who was overweight, had acne, and was just socially awkward, which are just a few of the reasons that bullying happens. And, what causes kids to be so mean in order to bully other kids? In order to become more educated on the seriousness of bullying, you will want to go and grab your copy of the new book that has just been released called MOMMY, WHY COME? Being Bullied: Maybe I’ll Tell and Maybe I Won’t.

bullying book

MOMMY, WHY COME? Being Bullied: Maybe I’ll Tell and Maybe I Won’t was written by Shirley Judge Blount, a retiree from the Durham, NC, public school system. This book covers everything about bullying. It covers why bullying exists, who gets targeted, and the short-term and long-term effects of bullying on children.

The book addresses the responsibilities of teachers, principals, school bus drivers, and other adults in protecting children, and it’s available on Amazon, in ALL Barnes and Noble Bookstores, and wherever books are sold. And every teacher, principal, school bus driver, and parent need to pick up their copy of this book right away.

I am quite sure that a lot of the issues with depression that I have struggled with for life did worsen due to the bullying I did endure. Sadly, many kids have committed suicide over it. Especially now that traditional bullying has evolved to cyberbullying which brings bullying to another serious level.

There is more awareness of the seriousness of bullying around, but there is still not enough of it in order to completely stop it. That is why more awareness spread about how serious bullying really is must keep being spread. And the one further step anyone can take to become further educated on the issue is by purchasing the book, MOMMY, WHY COME? Being Bullied: Maybe I’ll Tell and Maybe I Won’t.

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