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If you are a female entrepreneur that is looking for a way to advertise your business and to gain more exposure, then you are going to want to join the female entrepreneur resource collective, She Hustle Collective. This collective is Canadian-based but it is available to female entrepreneurs worldwide that want to make their business and themselves known. 

The purpose of creating the collective is because there are so many powerful women around who are there to make a positive difference, and are not noticed or seen. They deserve to be seen, heard, acknowledged, appreciated, and successful. They are outstanding and their accomplishments matter and this platform is the place for these hard-working women to once and for all to be seen and to be heard.

Not only does it feature a business directory, however, but it also features a comprehensive blog that has new exciting additions each week. There is a membership area as well for those who are looking to get extra inspiration, tips, and anything else that can be helpful to expand their business!

There is also a forum coming soon on the platform so you can have discussions with other creators, dreamers, entrepreneurs, boss-babes, and builders to get ideas, inspiration, and to even make a few friends!

This platform also features a powerful must-listen-to podcast that is hosted by the creator, Danielle, herself as she also owns 4 other businesses, and is the proud mom of 2 girls. The reason you will want to listen to her podcast is that she is real, and talks about her struggles, her vulnerabilities, as well as tips on how she makes her personal and corporate life work and provides tips and tools for you to use. 

Another great feature of She Hustle Collective is that it has a place for a creative member spotlight which means if they submit their line of work, they can be chosen as the member to be in the spotlight. This means they will receive even more exposure. They can do this by submitting their art, photography, blog, music or if they are models, they can submit anything that is relevant to their line of work. 

Members are also encouraged to nominate other creative and industrious women who they see as role models so they have the chance to be chosen and to gain extra exposure from that as a result. 

Additionally, this platform has a shop as well as an area for you to work with a powerful life coach if you feel you would benefit from one. There are so many wonderful features that this platform has that any female entrepreneur cannot afford not to join. But if you want to join you better do it now!

For the first 100 members that join it is free. However, after that, it will only be $10 a month which is only $120. That is a steal and as you already have read, there is so much to be gained by joining and so much to be lost if you didn’t join!!

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