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Being a mom to young children and babies is so tough, and it is also quite isolating. That is why so many moms look into joining many mom groups on Facebook and then end up becoming disappointed due to the fact that so many members of these groups can be quite judgemental. As a result, these mothers become hesitant to join other Facebook groups and as a result, they become even more lonely and isolated. 

On the flip side, many of these moms end up going to Reddit, Quora, and other platforms. Unfortunately, these moms find that they still end up running into the same issue with not receiving the support they need – and instead, they feel even more lonely. It really can feel like a lose-lose situation for these moms. However, there is some excellent news that these frustrated and lonely moms must know about because their loneliness and isolation will come to an end. And that is because of a fantastic app called Mother Bear has been launched! In fact, it is a dream come true for these moms who have been let down by the known social platforms. 

What Is The Mother Bear App And Why Is It A Dream Come True For These Moms?

The Mother Bear app is a brand new platform that gives moms the opportunity to connect with one another by allowing them to swipe each other’s profiles so they can connect with those who they feel a strong connection to. And when moms are connecting with other moms who they have a lot in common with whether it is based on their interests or their particular struggles – they will receive empathy, sympathy and there will not be any judgment! And, that is why this particular app is known as Tinder for moms

Mother Bear gives these mothers a true opportunity to grow some powerful friendships based on how it works! Additionally, the app is launching a brand new discussion feature which is known as Mother Bear Pages. The purpose of Mother Bear Pages is to give moms a much better alternative to the existing groups on Facebook, Reddit, Quora, and other platforms which many times would have led them to more isolation and frustration!

The fact of the matter is, moms have their own parenting styles, interests and identities. And Mother Bear wants to give these mothers their own platform instead of throwing them into one category which you see on other existing social platforms. 

Joining Mother Bear is so easy. If you are that frustrated mom who has been looking for the right mom friends, then you will want to join this app! All you need to do is download it from the iTunes app store, and then create an account. Then you can start swiping profiles which will lead you to find your new BFF! And if you are an Android user, hang in there! Mother Bear will be available on Google Play as soon as that is in the works!

But you will be on your way to developing powerful relationships, and you will learn more about the daycare industry, as well as reputable babysitters and pediatricians – and more! The sky is the limit on how this app benefits moms!

In order to learn more about the Mother Bear app, go check them out on Facebook and follow them on Instagram at @motherbear_app right now!

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