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Parents of young children or even young teenagers constantly find themselves having to clean up after their kids or having to remind their kids to clean up their bedrooms. That is because plenty of children in this day and age have a surplus of toys, which includes plushies.

And, too many stuffed animals in any room that are strewn on the floor or take up a lot of space on dresser surfaces can aggravate allergies in children because of the fact that they accumulate a lot of dust. Not to mention, too many stuffed animals or any toy for that matter that take up too much space in a room will cause the room to be cluttered.

There is nothing worse than worrying about your kids tripping over their toys in their bedrooms and injuring themselves due to the fact that there is not enough space for these toys and any other item. And, this is why a stuffed animal bean bag chair has been created to solve this very common problem that appears in households with children.

And, with the holidays coming up, this stuffed animal bean bag chair will make a perfect gift for those parents in your lives who have children. That is why the JaxGizmos Fill n Chill Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair makes a perfect Christmas or Hanukkah gift for these families.


stuffed animal


Not only will the JaxGizmos Fill n Chill Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair store all of the excess plushies in any child’s bedroom, but it can double up as a kids’ chair or an ottoman for extra storage. This way, parents no longer have to tell their kids that they have to give away a lot of their stuffed animals to free up space or to reduce the accumulation of dust.

This product is perfect to help declutter any child’s bedroom, and kids can enjoy it because they can use it as a bean bag chair which will allow them to enjoy many activities such as reading, playing games, and enjoying a family movie night.

Additionally, this product features a handle so you can move it anywhere you would like. You can also store any soft item such as extra blankets, towels, bedding, or clothing. However, if you use the JaxGizmos Fill n Chill Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair only to store stuffed animals, you will be happy to know that it can hold up to 60 to 80 plushies!


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Not to mention, it features an extra long zipper so that it is accessible for the child so that he or she can pull out any toy when it is coming up to his or her play time. It comes in 3 sizes, and it comes in grey, blue, or pink.

The JaxGizmos Fill n Chill Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair is made with premium quality 100{716a4ab685473790f3722cbe1206c48872e89f3f58f906124c78c25190a55370} cotton canvas and this makes it a durable product. It is also machine washable, and the zipper is covered so you don’t have to worry about it scratching the floors or your child. And, it has been lab tested and meets the CPSIA/ASTM safety standard.

Now that you know about this awesome product that can make any parent’s lives easier that have young kids, surprise them with the JaxGizmos Fill n Chill Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair this Christmas or Hanukkah. They will be forever grateful to you because of the fact that you had given them the best gift that will help them keep their kids’ rooms organized without them having to get rid of any of their children’s beloved stuffies!

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And, hurry! You will want to get this product quickly because it is on sale on Amazon, and be sure to take advantage of the sale price before it goes up!

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