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Expressive Mom

I have been thinking about doing some work in my home for some time. Especially now that the kids are older, it is a good time to renovate. I figured maybe I would have some of the walls painted a different color in some rooms, and to also buy new furniture. The house needs a change of some sort.

However, I was also thinking about that the first thing that needed to go was the carpet! Especially the carpet in the den! I mean, from all of those years the dog and kids made messes on the floor, which I did clean up right away. And then the countless amount of the food spilled onto the floor by myself and the kids. Don’t even get me started on all of the accidents that happened from the dog- just killed the carpet. Like I said, I did what I could to clean up each spill the carpet is still dirty and it smells.


Even after countless vacuuming, the carpet is still filthy. I was so ready to spend money to replace all of the carpeting in the home until I found some time to have a long chat with a friend in Huntington, NY who I have not spoken to for ages. It was awesome speaking with her, and the first thing I told her when she asked me what was new in my life was that I was planning to renovate my home. I also told her about how much I could not stand my carpet because it was so dirty and was ready to rip it all out. However, she told me not to rush to do that as of yet and to have it professionally cleaned instead. She raved about a company that made her carpet sparkling clean and you can visit their website here if you are curious!

In all honesty, I never really thought about having my carpet professionally cleaned. I also thought that since I vacuum my floors, that should have been enough to keep it clean but apparently not! And having it cleaned was a logical solution which is far cheaper and easier than ripping out the carpet and putting new in. In fact, she told me some things that I knew nothing about when it came to maintaining the carpet. She said it is essential to have a professional cleaning done at least once a year, though she said because of the dog it is best to have it cleaned every six months. I also had no idea that carpet manufacturers required you to do this in order to maintain the warranty. I am afraid that mine is no longer valid because I did not hire a company to clean my carpets, even once! Gulp!

I asked her how I can keep the carpet cleaner on my own after I have a professional cleaner take care of it the first time. I also asked her if spills happen again, what was I doing wrong by using the burgundy rag that I had dipped into soap and water before rubbing the stain out.

She said when she hired the carpet cleaner, she had the same question and she said they gave her the following tips:

Tip 1. Never use a colored rag to wipe away stains. The dye in the rag will seep into the carpet and stain it more which defeats the purpose. Always use a white or cream-colored rag to clean up spills. Fair enough! And it makes sense.

Tip 2: Never ever rub the carpet when cleaning a spill. Rubbing it just makes the stain settle into the fibers even more, which will cause it to become a breeding ground for bacteria. Always blot up the spill with a white rag instead. I really had no idea that the way you wiped the spill was a problem, but I am glad I know this now.

Tip 3: Have a homemade carpet cleaning solution to remove old stains. This creation is more powerful than soap and water alone but is safe. So she said that I must get myself an empty spray bottle. And then get the white vinegar and baking soda out. Measure 1 cup of warm water, as well as a tablespoon of baking soda, and a teaspoon of white vinegar. Add it all into the bottle and shake it around so it mixes. Then to spray the solution onto the stained area on the carpet, then let it sit for 15 minutes so the debris is collected, then vacuum it up. Now that is quite interesting. I will certainly make use of that.

Tip 4: To keep vacuuming at the very least once a week. Even though vacuuming will not touch the dirt that has been settled into the fibers from a while ago- which explains why my carpet is so filthy, it does remove the surface dirt and prevents that from settling. However, I have always been good with vacuuming, but I am putting this out there anyway.

I was really happy to get in touch with my friend again and glad I had spoken to her about the carpet. I will not rip it out and will call a professional cleaning service instead that will service my area. It is also good to know about these stain removal tips, and I am glad to know how to properly clean stains. I have been doing it wrong all along! So I will not replace the carpet, but other parts of my home need a lot of work!


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