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Sustainability is a complex word and concept for children to understand. However, it’s still important to teach them what it means and how they can help the environment and planet. Start by instilling the basics, such as “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” or knowing how to tend a garden.

However, there are more exciting ways to introduce them to this new concept. Take it a step further with these fun activities that promote sustainability.

Create a Recycling Game

If you have separate cans for recycling and trash, you should turn recycling into a game! Design the indoor bins and designate them in their respected areas. Encourage your kids to record when they put something into the recycling bin. Whoever recycles the most items correctly will win a prize.

The prize could be 20 extra minutes outside or a pool party! Whatever motivated your kiddos to recycle appropriately.

Organize a Used Book Fair

Used book drives help bring together the community and allow older books to find new homes instead of being thrown in the trash. Get your child amped up to make donations by creating or collaborating with a local business to host a used book fair. Your children will love helping the community while discovering new books and making new pals.

If there are donated books in good condition, you should sell them for a bargain price and donate proceeds to a charity of your child’s choice.

Turn Cleaning Products Into a Science Project

Turn cleaning day into a science experiment by allowing your child to mix non-toxic sprays to use around the house. Mix baking soda, warm water, and vinegar to create the “great potion” or simple multi-purpose cleaner.

Make Artwork Out of Recycled Materials

Before recycling and trash day, go on a treasure hunt for the best-recycled goods. Have your kids carefully look through the bin and set aside egg cartons, paper towel rolls, boxes, plastic containers—anything they can use as a base for their masterpiece.

Lay all their supplies out, and let the magic begin! Display their artwork around the house so they can marvel over their creations.

Create Personalized Tote Bags

If your child is a fashionista, they will love creating personalized tote bags. Use fabric markers, iron-on patches, puff paint, and more to decorate your bag. Encourage your children to bring their bags with them when they go to the grocery store to reduce plastic usage!

Being sustainable doesn’t have to be boring. Try these fun activities that promote sustainability with your children to introduce a sometimes-complex way of life in a more creative light.

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