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We all know that Carly and Franco’s Halloween wedding is coming up and it is certainly going to be a doozy. It will be very interesting to see what happens. Will the truth about Sonny killing AJ come out? Now that Michael knows that Carlos is innocent based on what Sabrina had told him, and right now he believes that Ava is the one who murdered AJ. However all of this could potentially change at the wedding as well. So is that going to be the day when Michael will end up writing both Sonny and Carly out of his life after learning about what Sonny did to his father and how Carly knew all along? We will find out soon enough.

In fact, because right now Micheal believes that Ava is guilty for AJ’s murder, when he tells Sonny- it shocks him. And since Michael is becoming closer to the truth, Carly will end up trying to convince him to drop the hunt. As we know, that will only work for so long.

Another thing that is supposed to happen this week is that Nathan and Maxie will try to fin ways to see each other even though the judge flat out told them that we were not to see each other at all- that is if Maxie had a hope to ever see Georgie again.

Rumours that are circulating about the wedding are saying that Franco shocks the guests, and that Carly learns about his secret before they even make it to the altar. Sonny apparently comes clean to Michael and Nina and commits something that is unthinkable. What will that be?

We are all wondering what Rosalie has been hiding. We are heading towards the November sweeps. We are in for a ride over the next while!

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