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I meant to write this last night, however I am getting to it now. General Hospital has been quite eventful lately. Ever since the wedding, the cat got out of the bag! Michael knows that Sonny killed AJ and that Carly knew about it. Now Michael is after Sonny, and was ready to kill him. However, before Michael has a chance to kill Sonny- Dante came in on time and arrested Sonny for the murder of AJ. Ava also escaped since Sonny had trapped her and was ready to kill her until Michael stormed in.

Ava finally went to the hospital and has been understandably hysterical since the baby she was forced to give birth to by Nina was also kidnapped by her. And once Kiki and Silas discover that Nina was the one who took Ava’s newborn daughter, they were shocked. But don’t worry, Madelaine has a surprise in store for Nina, so let’s see what this is about.

In the meantime, Franco is planning his next move, and Carly is shocked by what she discovers. In fact, Jordan, Carly and Shawn are facing a major problem.

Jake also gets an offer from Elizabeth after being told he must leave the hospital, and ends up meeting Sam and Danny. What happens there? Will some memories be triggered by that?

Nathan and Dante end up falling into some kind of trap, and what will that be? We will find out this week.

Ned also believes that Julian knows more about Luke than he is admitting.

We can see this will be another eventful week at GH, as we are in the middle of the November sweeps. I will be back on Sunday to reveal next week’s spoilers!

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