This is another intense week on GH. Let’s start off by remembering how Michael was ready to off Sonny and pointed a gun at him. However, Dante convinced Michael not to shoot Sonny and he was arrested for the murder of AJ Quartermaine last week. This week, Michael is making it clear that he wants something from Sonny, and actually makes a trip to the prison where he is at to tell him. This shall be interesting. Michael at the same time is announcing that he is officially a Quartermaine. This is going to make an interesting Thanksgiving at the Quartermaines. Sonny is also coming to the realization he needs to come clean for the sake of his family.

Patrick also learns about the fate of his job, while Patrick and Sam overhear Larry’s conversation and are suspicious.

In the meantime, Shawn and Jordan come clean to TJ, completely. Anna also reveals important info on Faison, and what is happening with that since they are bringing him back into the mix.

While this is all happening, Franco is at the mysterious house comforting Nina and has to break the news to her that Silas is not the father of the baby she kidnapped. Britt also reveals something to Nikolas, and Julian tells Alexis the truth about something- I bet the identity of Fluke is revealed! We shall see, this is hot stuff coming, that is for sure! The sweeps are almost over however we have some time left for intense happenings!