As we have entered the month of November, big stuff will be happening since this is a sweeps month. Events that happened at the end of October have given us signs of what is to come! Especially now that Nina found Ava and Ava is at her mercy, oh my! And Franco and Carly’s wedding in Hell has started- on Halloween! Also, Morgan knows about why Sonny wants to kill Ava, and while they argued over AJ’s death, they heard a gun shot. What happened? We will find out.

Heather is also on the loose and have Jordan and Shawn at her mercy which could mean big trouble. And rumor has it that Franco will soon enough be back to his pre-tumour psychotic ways. We cannot wait to see this one. Is Ava’s baby going to be safe with Nina tormenting her? Will it possibly come out that Kiki is Nina’s child after all due Ava confessing out of desperation? Who knows! It is possible.

Duke is also headed for a breakdown when the alibi that was as fake as a three dollar bill comes back to haunt him. Oh and by the way, on Friday Michael will apparently discover the truth about Sonny killing AJ and he will confront Sonny about it. Big things are heating up!