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If you watch General Hospital, you have seen Nina finally crack after being found out by Silas. In fact she is now in cahoots with Madeline to carry out her plan to steal Ava’s baby. Franco has been very busy planning the wedding. He is determined to destroy Carly on that day and he is vetting for help from his mother.. Heather Weber!

What you will expect to see this coming week is that even though Nina is expecting her mother Madeline to help carry out her plan, Madeline is not comfortable with it. Nina also plans to reveal Rosalie’s big secret. That will be interesting to find out what that is! Hmmm. Nathan is anxious to get Nina the help that she needs, and Maxie wants to help Nathan out with his family issues.

Rosalie is also going to be forced to indicate where Ava is hiding, and even though Kiki and Morgan have been trying to get Ava help- her baby still may not be out of danger.

Shawn and Sonny move forward with their dangerous plan even though twinges of guilt seem to affect Sonny. Olivia also has a very bad vision about the wedding. Even after trying to warn Sonny and Carly about it, they ignore her. Michael also discovers something significant about AJ’s murder and realizes that Carlos was innocent all along. He tells Kiki and also informs the police on what he learned.

Elizabeth continues to bond with “Jake”, and “Jake” also receives a visitor who could be Carly. This will trigger some flashbacks.

Tracy also reveals to Dante and Lulu about what happened in Amsterdam, and is more than ready to do what is needed to save Luke which makes Ned very uneasy. Dr. Obrecht and Anna have a major argument, and Julian is showing signs of jealousy of Ned.

Sounds like this upcoming week on General Hospital will be interesting. Let’s see what happens!

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