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The ideal hairstyles for each individual depending on their particular facial shape. Whether you have an oval, round, square, heart, or diamond-shaped face, there are hairstyles that can emphasize your facial features and enhance your overall look.

However, sometimes your natural hair may not be good to get your best hairstyle, and using hair extensions can be beneficial for achieving a perfect hairstyle in several ways. Hair extensions can instantly add length and volume to your natural hair. If you have short or thin hair, extensions can provide the extra length and fullness you desire, allowing you to create a variety of hairstyles that require more hair.

High-quality hair pieces offer endless styling possibilities. Whether you want to experiment with different updos, braids, curls or enjoy flowing locks, extensions provide the versatility to achieve a wide range of hairstyles. They allow you to transform your look for special occasions, events, or even daily.

This blog will delve into hairstyles and provide recommendations based on different face shapes.

Understanding Face Shapes

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Before we delve into specific hairstyles, it’s crucial to understand the different face shapes. Each shape has its unique characteristics that can guide us in selecting the most flattering hairstyles.

Round Face:

A round face has a circular shape with softer angles and a wide width. The cheekbones are usually the widest part of the face, and the jawline is rounded. To create the illusion of length and minimize roundness, hairstyles and makeup techniques that add vertical lines and angles are often recommended for round faces.

Oval Face:

Balanced proportions and gently rounded features characterize an oval face. It is longer than it is wide, with slightly wider cheekbones and a narrower jawline and forehead. The oval shape is considered versatile and harmonious, as it suits various hairstyles and makeup looks.

Triangle Face:

A triangle face, also known as pear-shaped, features a wider jawline and a narrower forehead. The jawline tends to be the most prominent feature, while the forehead may appear smaller. Hairstyles and makeup that draw attention to the upper part of the face can help balance the proportions and soften the jawline.

Base-Down Triangle Face:

The base-down triangle face shape is the opposite of the triangle shape. A wider forehead and narrower jawline and chin characterize it. The forehead is the most prominent feature, while the jawline appears smaller. Hairstyles and makeup that create volume and width around the jawline can help balance the proportions and enhance this face shape.

Rectangle (Oblong) Face:

A rectangle or oblong face has a longer length compared to its width. The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline have similar widths, and the face may appear more angular. Hairstyles and makeup that add width and volume to the sides can help create the illusion of a shorter face and balance the facial proportions.

Square Face:

A square face has strong, angular features with a similar width across the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. The jawline is typically well-defined and squared off. When choosing hairstyles and makeup for square faces, softening the angles and creating a more elongated appearance are often the goals.

Heart Face:

A broader forehead and a narrower jawline and chin characterize a heart-shaped face. The face narrows from the temples down to a pointed chin, resembling a heart upside down. Hairstyles and makeup that balance the proportions by adding width to the lower part of the face can be flattering for heart-shaped faces.

Diamond Face:

A diamond face shape features wide cheekbones, the widest part of the face, while the forehead and jawline are narrower and approximately equal in width. The chin tends to be pointed. Hairstyles and makeup that highlight the cheekbones and soften the angles of the face can be flattering for diamond-shaped faces.

Hairstyle Recommendations

Now that we have a better understanding of the different face shapes, let’s explore some hairstyle recommendations tailored to each shape:

Hairstyles for Round Faces

With a round face, you can create the illusion of length and add definition to your features with the right hairstyle. Consider opting for layered cuts, side-swept bangs, or long, face-framing layers. These styles help elongate the face and create a more angular appearance.

  • Long, layered waves: Create vertical lines with long, layered waves, elongating your face and adding a slimming effect. Hair extensions can provide the desired length and volume, enhancing your overall look.
  • High ponytail: Add height to your face and create the illusion of length with a high ponytail.
  • Angular bob: Opt for an angular bob with longer pieces in the front to add angles and definition to your round face. Consider using hair pieces to add extra volume and thickness to the bob. Do not forget to consider taking care of them properly.

Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Oval faces are versatile and can pull off various hairstyles effortlessly. You can experiment with different lengths, from short pixie cuts to long cascading waves. Emphasize your natural symmetry by avoiding heavy bangs that can conceal your face shape.

  • Shoulder-length bob: Consider a shoulder-length bob, which can accentuate your features while adding a touch of sophistication. 
  • Long layers: You can opt for long layers, which add movement and dimension to your hair. 
  • Classic pixie cut: If you’re feeling more adventurous, a classic pixie cut can beautifully frame your face and highlight your facial structure.

Hairstyles for Triangle Faces

Triangle faces benefit from hairstyles that balance the width of the forehead and jawline. Hairstyles that add volume and width at the temples and crown area are ideal for this face shape. 

  • Layered cuts: Consider layered cuts that fall around the shoulders, as they can help to broaden the upper part of your face. 
  • Textured bobs: Textured bobs and medium-length hairstyles with side-swept bangs can also help to balance the proportions and soften the jawline.

Hairstyles for Base-Down Triangle Faces

For those with a base-down triangle face shape, characterized by a wider forehead and a narrower jawline and chin, the objective is to create balance by adding volume and width at the jawline and chin area. 

  • Chin-length bobs: These bobs with layers around the jawline can help to visually widen the lower part of the face. 
  • Curly or wavy hairstyles can add volume and create a soft, feminine look. 

Hairstyles for Rectangle (Oblong) Faces

For rectangle (oblong) faces, adding width and volume to the sides is essential to create the illusion of a shorter face. Avoid excessive length that can elongate the face further.

  • French bob: The French bob is an excellent choice for those with a rectangle face shape. This classic and timeless haircut can beautifully complement the angles of your face while adding softness and balance. 
  • Wavy hairstyles: Opt for wavy or curly shoulder-length hairstyles to add width and create a balanced look. 
  • Side-swept fringe: A layered side-swept fringe can also help to break up the length and add dimension to your face.

Hairstyles for Square Faces

Choose hairstyles that add softness and femininity to soften the angles of a square face. 

  • Frame cut: This is a fantastic choice for square-shaped faces as it helps to soften the angles and create a more balanced and feminine appearance. This hairstyle involves framing the face with layers and wispy pieces of hair that add softness and movement.
  • Soft curls: Curls or waves can also add a touch of femininity and create a more rounded look. 
  • Side parts: A side-parted bob with layers can help balance the proportions and add a chic touch to your overall style.

Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces have a broader forehead and a narrower jawline and chin, resembling an inverted heart. To balance the proportions, opt for hairstyles that add width and volume to the lower part of your face

  • Side-swept bangs with soft waves: This hairstyle works well for heart-shaped faces as it helps to balance out the broader forehead and draw attention away from it.
  • Face framing shag: This layered haircut incorporates soft, textured layers that frame the face, emphasizing the cheekbones and creating balance. 
  • Flipped bob: This bob typically features a chin-length cut with ends that are flipped outward. The flipped ends create a sense of movement and add width around the chin and jawline, balancing out the wider forehead. 

Hairstyles for Diamond-Shaped Faces

Diamond-shaped faces have prominent cheekbones and a narrow forehead and chin. To highlight your stunning features, consider hairstyles that add width to your forehead or chin. 

Chin-length bob: Consider a chin-length bob with textured ends to draw attention to your cheekbones. 

Pixie cut: A textured pixie cut can also work well, adding a touch of edginess and enhancing your facial features. 

Long layered look: This versatile hairstyle can enhance your unique facial structure and accentuate your cheekbones. Hair pieces are an excellent way to change your hairstyle temporarily or add volume and length to your natural hair. Whether you want to experiment with a different color, try a new style, or cover thinning areas, hair pieces offer endless possibilities.

Choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape can significantly enhance your natural features and overall appearance. By understanding the characteristics of different face shapes and following the recommended hairstyles, you can confidently choose a hairstyle that suits you best. So experiment, and embrace a hairstyle that brings out your inner beauty and confidence!


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