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Halloween is just around the corner, so we’ve had a think and put together this list of some of our favourite spooky game ideas for kids to keep everyone occupied at your big Halloween bash!

We’ve tried to go for games which can be enjoyed by children of all ages which can be played with minimal cost or fuss!

Snap Apple

While we’ve all heard of bobbing for apples, it plays havoc with young ghouls and monster’s face paint that they’ve spent so long on!

Instead, try out this alternative where the kids have to try and grab a bite from an apple which is hanging from a piece of string, either from a tree if you’re outside, or something such as a curtain rail if inside.

Wink Murder

It’s a classic, but what better time to play this ingeniously simple murder mystery game!

If you don’t know the rules, simply sit the children down in a circle. One person is secretly chosen as the killer, who then proceeds to ‘kill’ their victims by winking at them (leading to some very dramatic ‘deaths’!).

Another player, designated as the detective, then has to keep their eyes peeled to reveal the killer!

Halloween based ‘pin the tail games’

For a spin on the classic ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ check out some of these spooky alternatives which you can print off at home.

Pin the mouth on the bat

Pin the nose on the pumpkin

Pin the spider on the web

Eyeball Hunt

For a nice gory game, why not see who can fish the most eyeballs out of the bucket?

Simply fill a bucket with some cooked spaghetti and bury some ping pong balls painted with eyes.

Set up a couple of buckets and see who can find the most! You can even colour code the eyes and make some worth more points than others.

Halloween Feel Boxes

This game will really test how brave your guests are! Take some cardboard boxes and cut holes in the side, making sure that the kids can fit their hands in, but they can’t see what’s inside!

You can then fill the boxes, either some sweet treats or nasty surprises! We’d suggest sweets and others snacks for the treats and things such as plastic spiders and grapes which you could pass off as eyeballs!

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

For a scavenger hunt with a bit of a twist, go out and buy a cheap plastic skeleton such as this one from Amazon. (Alternatively, you could make your own bones from card or foam).

Next, take the skeleton to pieces and hide his various body bits around the house and garden.

Then it’s up to the kids to find them all and put the poor skeleton back together again!

Popping Pumpkins

Fill up some orange balloons with various toys and treats and blow them up, topping them off with some green leaves to make them into pumpkins.

The kids will love making a loud mess trying to get their hands on the contents!

Mummy Relay

Time for a race with a difference! Divide the kids up into pairs and nominate one from each pair as the mummy.

The other member of the team will then have to wrap their partner up in toilet paper or kitchen roll like a mummy as quick as they can, who will then have to race to the finish line!

For more fun party games, themes and ideas make sure to keep checking our blog here at Twizzle.


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