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It’s important to teach your children healthy habits so that they may carry them into adulthood. It’s important for you to instruct your child to practice healthy habits. You should also be modeling these behaviors so that your child will learn from observance. There are plenty of healthy habits to teach your kids that will help improve their quality of life. Consider these tips to help your children thrive.

Teeth Brushing

It’s essential that you emphasize the importance of good oral hygiene to your kids. This is an easy behavior to model in the morning and right before bed. You should always emphasize that teeth brushing will prevent them from having bad breath, tooth decay, and many unwanted trips to the dentist.

Pretend you’re getting ready to go to a tea party or brushing your teeth to get a gift from the tooth fairy. Make it fun and engaging by playing a 2-minute song or turning it into a game. There are many ways to make tooth brushing an exciting event your child will look forward to and eventually adopt into a routine habit.

Body Movement

You should incorporate body movement or exercise into your child’s daily routine. This movement can be dancing, activity, or sports like gymnastics, soccer, swimming, or any other physical activity that your child has shown an interest in. Teach them that moving your body for a few minutes daily is vital for them to grow big and strong. You can model this behavior by doing at-home workouts while they’re present or taking them on walks at the park.

Emotional Regulation

Another healthy habit to teach your kids is emotional regulation. This becomes a habit when they practice methods of regulating themselves every time their emotions go out of line. Teaching your child emotional regulation will benefit the way they process emotions and the relationships they’ll form as they grow older.


Handwashing is an important healthy habit to adopt, especially as a child. Children explore the world with their hands, so they must understand that the world has germs, and these germs can make them sick if they don’t wash them off. Have children wash their hands thoroughly before they’ve eaten a meal, after using the restroom, or when spending the day outside. Make this an engaging activity by playing music and using a soap that suds up and smells nice.

Balanced Eating

Your child’s relationship with food begins as a child. Encourage them to eat their fruits and veggies by including them in every meal. Prepare colorful foods that look fun to eat and cut in funky shapes. While encouraging them to their fruits and veggies, also let them know it’s okay to have a piece of cake, chocolate, or a bag of chips every now and then.

Model and teach your child positive behaviors to help them live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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