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Are You A Bacon Lover That No Longer Wants To Fry That Gold?

If that is the case, you are not alone because frying your bacon will cause your home to smell it, and not to mention it is so messy. However, there is a much better way to cook your bacon, and that is by using the microwave! Did you expect anything more complex than that? If so, maybe you are now relieved it was nothing more complicated than that or perhaps disappointed because you might be the adventurous type that wanted to try a new way to cook bacon.

How Do You Cook Bacon In The Microwave?

If you are a bacon lover and want to stop frying your bacon, you can microwave it instead. All you need to do is get out a microwave-safe plate and line it with four sheets of paper towel. Then put around two to five pieces of bacon on the paper towels in one layer. Then take two sheets of paper towel to cover them. Next, put the plate into your microwave and cook it for one minute per bacon slice. So if you are making five slices of bacon, it is five minutes. Your bacon will turn out crispy, but this may not be ideal if you have thick-cut bacon.

The great thing about cooking your bacon in the microwave is that there is no longer a bacon smell in your home. First, the paper towels take in the grease, and you can put them into the organic garbage after. Secondly, you will find that it is not so messy, unlike when you fry your bacon.

However, this method will create more waste because you are using up six paper towel pieces, and if you don’t like your bacon too crispy, this is not the method for you. Otherwise, enjoy it!


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