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Merry Spell

In today’s education system, it is difficult for kids to get individual attention. Gone are the days where classrooms were filled with 10 to 15 students. Today’s classrooms are packed with students, which make it difficult to provide the quality education. Moreover, kids started losing interest which increases the drop out rates. To solve this problem, we should focus on personalized learning where each student gets individual attention and the curriculum is designed according to his or her interest. Let’s see how personalized learning works.

How personalized learning works?

  • Personalized assessment of students: To know the interests and mental levels of the kids an expert panel is required to conduct an assessment of the students. This helps to draft a personalized curriculum.
  • Drafting individualized curriculum for every individual: This includes creating a curriculum for each student based on his/her interests. Students have the maximum participation as they are studying what they like.
  • Constant upgrade in the curriculum: The interest fields of a student might change over time. For this, the curriculum should be dynamic in nature. It must change itself depending on the constant changes in the interests of a student.
  • Combining traditional teaching and e-learning: The best results of learning can only be achieved when we mix e-learning and face-to-face instructional learning. This keeps the students engaged in the learning process with the help of intuitive/interactive nature of e-learning. On the other hand, a teacher helps in resolving any doubts or questions.
  • Giving special attention to underachieving students: This helps to decrease the learning gap of the underachievers. By giving them special attention we can restore their participation in the learning process.

Only a fistful of schools and universities have understood the real potential of personalized learning. This form of learning is still in its early phase. Still, in the universities, we have got plenty of options to choose from. But the main problem lies in the building stone of education i.e. schools. Schools are facing the highest number of underperformers. This could be changed if we introduce personalized learning in their curriculum. However, to have the best results out of this method of education, we need the best educationalists to decide the pattern of the curriculum.

Benefits of personalized education:

  • Students take the ownership of the learning process: This gives them a better understanding of their career goals. While making them more independent in the learning process. So instead of school’s ownership over the curriculum, the students have the ownership. The chances of success are higher as they not forced to learn something.
  • Students seek knowledge not marks: Instead of making the learning process a chase for good grades. Personalized learning brings out the real value of education to the students. Students provide their best attention to the learning process as it is according to their interests. This interest helps to improve their skills for their respective professions.
  • Learn anywhere: E-learning is a major element of personalized education. So instead of limiting the learning process to the classrooms students can learn anywhere.
  • Better results: When students get the chance to learn according to their interests, they naturally perform better. Personalized education ensures high productivity levels, less wastage of time, maximum participation, efficiency, more innovations.
  • Provides more career options: The traditional educational system only promotes limited career options. For example; it never promotes entrepreneurship. On the other hand, personalized education provides more career options. The dynamic nature of personalized education ensures more options in the entire curriculum as new options can be added anytime.  

One example of personalized learning is the service called as Merry Spell. Merry Spell enhances the quality of education.  It aims to teach practical skills which school curriculum lacks. For the assessment of a student, Merry Spell will assign child experts to conduct video call interviews. Based on the video call sessions senior educationists at Merry Spell will create a personalized curriculum for the students. To make things more interactive for the students Merry Spell will also organize various group activities and stage programs which aims to promote leadership quality. The program is completely dynamic in nature as it could be tuned any time depending on the progress of a child. But the thing which makes Merry Spell completely different from other personalized education programs is the personalized content delivered right at the doorstep of the students. This box will be customized specifically to the needs of an individual kid.

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