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You can’t grow in isolation as a family, there are the gregarious instincts in humans that warrants us to relate with others. Right in your community, there are families and individuals that share the same passion, interest, and strengths with you. This could serve as the connecting points with these people. However, there’s no way you can know these people are within your social class except through FamilyMatch.

family match

FamilyMatch aims to bridge the gap between family, be the basis of bonding and forging a beneficial relationship. Usually, you are faced with the dilemma of getting together with families with the hope that they rub off positively on you and your kids. More often than not, the reverse is the case as you are left blaming yourself for reaching out. This problem will be solved by the algorithm of FamilyMatch that considers not just your interests and passions but most importantly, your similarities and dissimilarities.

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Through Family Match, you can break out of the isolation that your family faces in both existing and new communities. Rather than struggle in building bridges, FamilyMatch help reaches out to other families whom you and your children can fall in love with by being friends. As parents, FamilyMatch also helps to understand how to be better parents, learn about new things in your communities, expand beyond your horizon and schedule playdates. You can also benefit from each other by exchanging Museum and Theme Park Passes, and other freebies that can benefit your families.

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