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Kids tend to be naturally charismatic and this often shines through on camera so, in theory, getting fantastic pictures of your kids shouldn’t be too hard.

Sadly, regardless of how charming your kids are, there’s no surefire way to get perfect photos 100% of the time.

To make things easier for you, we have put together a few tips and tricks on how to get the best photos of your kids. Keep reading to find out how!

Get down to their level

One of the best techniques you can use when taking photographs of your kids is to get down to their eye level. You can choose to do this in a variety of ways (such as bending down or lying on the floor) depending on how small your children are.

If you’re going to be taking pictures of more than one child, take yourself down to the level of the tallest child. However, if the tallest child is particularly tall, have them bend down to the height of the next tallest child.

To exaggerate the size of your tots, lie on the floor with them in front of you and photograph them that way. Not only does this ensure that they’re the stars of the photo, it’s also a quirky angle which produces great results. For more on how to photograph children well, browse this article.

Get your timings rights

If you’re a parent, you’ll know that children’s energy levels are capable of fluctuating wildly; one minute they’re all laughter and smiles and the next they’re throwing a tantrum because they’re tired. This means that you should plan your photography schedule around them.

On this, we spoke to Filming With Kids who said: “If your kids are still at the age where they have regular naps, try not to photograph them at all during this time as it’s no fun having your picture taken when you’re tired.”

“Similarly, take note of the times of day where your kids’ energy levels are at their highest and lowest. The best thing you can do to make the most of your session is to begin when your children are excitable and energetic.”

The best pictures are taken when the subject is as comfortable as possible, so make sure all of the children are wide awake, not hungry, and not thirsty.

Lose your inhibitions

As adults, it’s easy for us to feel silly when joining in with playing children, but letting go of these inhibitions can really help you to get some great pictures.

Embracing your inner child by playing games, acting a bit silly, and allowing yourself to have fun behind the camera is an effective way of having your kids enjoy getting their pictures taken – you might even get some phenomenal cheesy grins which children are all too good at.

If you’re trying to find an appropriate game to play during your session, have a look through this website for some inspiration.

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