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The holidays are about spending time with loved ones, spreading cheer, and helping others. As another new year quickly approaches, so does the time for an extra bit of generosity. Get yourself and your household even more ready for those cherished holidays by finding ways to help others. Consider how to get your kids into the spirit of generosity and encourage a passion for humanitarianism.

Sort Through Your Belongings

Assessing your belongings is always a wonderful place to start. Many of us receive all sorts of holiday gifts, and you want to avoid creating clutter in your home. Therefore, you should take time to sort through items you already have, like clothing, books, children’s toys, and even old media. Today, many of us rely on streaming, so one great thing you can do with your old DVD collection is donate it.

If you’re having difficulty encouraging your children to donate some gently used belongings, remind them that the holidays are nearly here, and they’ll get new toys and other items on their wish lists. But more importantly, their old books and toys could bring a lot of cheer to other children.

Help Some Furry Friends

Who doesn’t love four-legged companions? Cat and dog people alike enjoy helping out at animal shelters to get themselves into a charitable spirit. You can help at your local animal shelter by:

  • Playing with the cats and dogs
  • Donating pet supplies and blankets
  • Fostering a pet

Helping animals is a great way to teach children about the importance of empathy for all living things. And some children may have an easier time getting into the giving spirit when it means assisting adorable cats and dogs.

Hold a Food Drive

We all deserve a tasty meal, and food is one of the main focal points of the holidays. Every meal brings us closer because eating is a social event. During the holidays, you may take things one step further by hosting or attending larger family gatherings to spend time catching up and offering well wishes. Between all the talking, you’re probably enjoying delicious food you spent the year dreaming about.

Holding a food drive allows you and your child to ensure another family has enough food this time of year. Food insecurity is a real struggle for some and can make it difficult to look forward to such a joyous time of year. Invite other community members to join your endeavors and collect non-perishable items you can donate to a local food bank.

Attend Fundraisers

Volunteering at a fundraiser together is one more way to get your child into the giving spirit. You can attend a charity walk or attend a charity auction together to help an organization raise funds. What’s most important about volunteering is that you and your child decide together and have a blast while making a difference.

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