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Allergy season is almost upon us, and it’s time to start preparing your home. Every parent knows that sending their child to school during cold, flu, and allergy season can be a pain. However, you can prepare ahead of time to minimize their symptoms. Here are some ways to keep your child safe during allergy season and combat their symptoms early.

Take Medicine ASAP

Your child should begin taking allergy medicine as soon as the temperature warms up. This will help minimize their allergy symptoms at the first sniffle. Although it’s best to consult with your child’s pediatrician first, taking nasal sprays and children’s antihistamines will help reduce their symptoms. Of course, ensuring that your child gets enough rest and drinks enough fluid is also important to minimize their symptoms.

Clean Your House Often

A way to keep your child safe during allergy season is by keeping your home clean and allergen free. Every week you should clean all the common areas in your home to ensure there’s no pollen coming in from the outside. To achieve an allergy-free home, use the right cleaners for people with allergies; these include all-purpose cleaners and anti-allergen sprays. We also recommend getting a HEPA filter to help remove mold, bacteria, dust, and other airborne particles.

Be Mindful About Outside Time

Although it feels like we can’t get our kids outside due to all their gadgets, if your child has allergies, monitor the outside conditions before sending them out to play. Watch out for dry and windy days, especially if you have a yard full of blossoming plants. Many weather sites can check the pollen count in your local area. Check them before making outdoor plans with your child to keep them safe and symptom-free.

Shower and Change After School

When your child is at school, you have little control over who they’re around and where they play—or if they wash their hands thoroughly. If your child has allergies, they should change their clothes and shower after school. This way, they don’t bring pollen throughout the house and worsen their symptoms.

If possible, try to keep a change of clothes or a robe in the laundry room, so they don’t bring pollen into their bedroom, playroom, or other common spaces.

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