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When you’re wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry, it’s tempting to want to wear it with every outfit. However, if you want your jewelry to make the most impact possible, you need to be thoughtful about how to match it with your outfits. The key is finding pieces that complement each other and ensuring your accessories don’t compete for attention. Even if you love wearing statement necklaces and earrings like me (and trust me, I do), some guidelines will help ensure they always look their best when paired together. Let’s take a look at some of them together. 

Invest In Quality Pieces Of Jewelry

Now that you know what types of jewelry will go with your outfits, it’s time to talk about quality. You may think buying a cheap piece of jewelry is okay because you can afford it, and it looks nice on the website. However, the truth is that cheap jewelry can cost more in the long run if it breaks easily or falls apart after just a few wears.

If you invest in pieces made from quality materials—such as gold, silver, or platinum—you’ll be able to wear them for years without needing repairs or replacement. Even better: these materials are often associated with specific brands and styles, so they’re easy to spot at resale shops when you’re ready for something new!

Avoid Wearing Too Many Pieces At Once

When it comes to jewelry, less is usually more. Wearing too many pieces at once can look tacky and over the top, so it’s best to stick with one or two pieces at a time. If you do choose to wear more than one piece, make sure they’re small and simple, so they don’t compete with each other. If you want to wear more than one piece of jewelry in an outfit, choose ones that are similar (like all earrings) or complementary (like a necklace and bracelet).

Matching Jewelry To Your Outfits


  • Use color to match and complement your outfit.
  • This is easy to ensure your jewelry coordinates with the rest of your look.
  • If you have a dress on, choose a necklace or earrings that are the same color as the dress, or they can contrast it in a fun way. For example, if you’re wearing green pants, wear something gold and shiny (like these).

Choose A Knowledgeable Jewelry Store

If you are worried about not knowing how to match your jewelry with your outfit, a great place to go is a jewelry store. The staff at these stores can help you choose what would look good with your outfit and also give recommendations on the best items for your budget (if shopping on a budget). If you’re a fan of online shopping, choose an online jewelry store with a large selection of reliable brands and perhaps even offers online try-on options with AI. 

Choosing The Right Design

One of the most personal choices you must make when choosing your jewelry. Your design will depend on whether you’re going for a classic or modern look and what type of statement you want to make.

Classic pieces are often more timeless and can be worn for many years. They may include pieces of jewelry passed down from mothers or grandmothers, such as pearls or family heirlooms. These are usually worn with outfits that can take them in stride, such as a simple dress or suit jacket.

Modern pieces are more trendy and can be worn for a shorter period of time before they become too old-fashioned (or even passé). They lean towards bolder styles than classic designs, so they work best with either very simple outfits (such as jeans) or ones that play off the colors in the design itself (like black diamonds against white linen).

The key to matching jewelry is not to overdo it. The best way is to have a few pieces you love and wear them regularly without trying too hard. This way, you’ll create a personal look that expresses your own unique style.


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