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Thrift stores need donations from locals to restock their supplies continually. So if you have old items that you no longer use or need, it’s a great idea to donate them to support these stores and the community. Here are the top five items to donate to a thrift store to give you some helpful ideas.

Kids’ Clothes

For anyone with children, you know how quickly and how often kids outgrow their clothes. That’s why kids’ clothes are a top item to donate to thrift stores. Whenever your children grow out of certain clothing items, you can bring them to your local thrift store to donate them so that other children in need can wear them.

Winter Coats

Winter coats are another major item you should donate to a thrift store. One of the most common things people buy at thrift stores is winter coats. Therefore, if you have any warm coats or jackets that you don’t wear any longer, you should donate them to a thrift store. That way, when winter comes around and families in need come to the thrift store in search of a winter coat, there will be some available for them to purchase.


The third top item to bring to a thrift store as a donation is electronics. Electronics typically sell well at thrift stores, so these shops are always looking for new donations. Things like TVs, radios, sound systems, game consoles, and computers are all great examples of electronics to donate. However, it’s helpful to make sure the electronics are still in working condition. Some stores will still take items that aren’t working, but it’s best to make sure.


Furniture is another great donation option to bring to the thrift store. People are always searching for secondhand pieces of furniture because it’s a more affordable option. Therefore, donating your old furniture is one of the great ways you can support your local thrift store. You can donate couches, chairs, tables, mattresses, entertainment centers, and more.


The fifth item that you should donate to thrift stores is shoes. People often overlook the idea of donating shoes, but shoes are a major part of a wardrobe. If you have any old dress shoes, sneakers, heels, or boots that you no longer wear, it’s a great idea to bring them in as a donation.

Now that you know the top five things to donate at thrift stores, you can gather all your potential donation items together and take them to the thrift store. First, try to find items that are lightly used and still wearable. Then, make sure you wash any clothing items before donating.

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