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If you have a full house, you know how hard it is to keep things tidy. Add a pet or two into the mix, and you’ve got an active home that moves more than it rests. While kids and animals make life more fun, they can put a strain on your household furniture.

Busy moms shouldn’t have to choose between owning a pet and having nice things. Learning how to protect your furniture from your pets will help you extend the life of your favorite pieces.

Collect Washable Decorative Blankets

Some homeowners choose to keep their pets off of their sofas, chairs, and bedding. However, that eliminates precious cuddle time that both humans and animals need to bond. Instead of banishing them to life on the floor, try collecting washable decorative blankets.

It’s much easier to clean a throw blanket than it is to clean a couch. Lay blankets over your seating to create a barrier between the upholstery and your furry friends. This way, you can snuggle with your pets without worrying about staining your furniture.

Use Restorative Products on Wood Pieces

Wood furniture needs special care even if you don’t live with animals; knowing how to care for wood furniture will allow you to enjoy your antique pieces for much longer. However, you might need to amp up your lumber-care routine when you have pets.

Use restorative products to fix pet damage and return your furniture to its former glory. Waxes can help smooth any scuff marks or scratches your pet’s nails and teeth create. You should also seal your wooden pieces to make them more resistant to pet damage.

Distract Your Pets With Stimulation

Pets become destructive when they don’t have anything to do. Keep their attention off your furniture by providing them with plenty of stimulation.

Give your cats a scratching post to encourage them to tear up something other than your expensive sofa. Chew toys and other stimulating devices will redirect your dog’s attention from your table and chair legs. If your dog has more energy than they can handle, take them on long, daily walks so they don’t take their “zoomies” out on your decorative items.

Keep Your Animals Well-Groomed

Sometimes, it’s not teeth or claws that harm your furniture—it’s all of that hair! If you want to protect your furniture from your pets, you need to keep them well-groomed.

Brush your pets often to remove any shedding hair before it winds up on your stuff. Long-haired animals should be on a regular grooming schedule to help you maintain their fur. Frequent baths will also keep them from spreading dirt and unpleasant odors all over your priceless pieces.

Being a parent to small children and unruly animals doesn’t have to cost you your favorite furniture. Use these tips to prevent damage so your entire family can enjoy a healthy home, pets included.

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