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Does this sound familiar at all? You see a blocked number attached to a Message in Korean… could this be a scam? You never know these days with spam levels on the rise. But what we do know is how to stop these irritating rings from messing with your day. Here are five ways to block these unwanted calls. 

This is a phone app that can be used on the Android and Android One that offers you the chance to block the number or place it on the whitelist if it was accidentally flagged. Many companies will pay good money to have themselves removed from services like these or OK Caller

Try Call Barring: there is an option for Call Barring, in the Android setting’s section under the Call tab. This can be used to block calls of all types.  If you know there I just no way there will be international calls coming into your home, consider just barring those all together and see how much of a reduction your notice. Just don’t forget to switch this option off if you have a friend going abroad in the near future. 

Try a robo blocker like Nomorobo:  If you choose the paid version you can count on a purported capacity to block as many as 1000 robocall numbers that are being added to its database of questionable phone lines. If you happen to see one that slips by, you can report it and this will continue to bolster the strength of the service. 

Make a whitelist: for this service, you will need to provide a third-party provider with access to your caller list and contacts, so it pays to choose one that has been reviewed extensively. These all work pretty much in the same way by only allowing phone calls to come through from those numbers you have provided access to previously. 

Make special exceptions to the Do Not Disturb function: On the Samsung galaxy series you can activate the do not disturb setting on your device. The good thing about this one is that you will be allowed to select some numbers that can come through, all the rest will be blocked. There is a similar function available in iOS.

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