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Expressive Mom

A public school in my neighbourhood was recently closed for the time being due to a norovirus outbreak- a horrible vomiting bug. Now I am flipping out because my daughter’s high school is near that particular school and this crud can spread fast! I went to the drug store to stock up on powerful hand sanitizer. Her high school doesn’t have the issue, but it could happen. All it takes is for one of the student’s younger brother or sister that went to the infected school to get the student sick! Then that is how the outbreak begins.

I will tell you right now that yes, I am emetophobic. If there are any bugs around that cause nausea and vomiting, I am going to avoid those like the plague! Emetophobia is a fear of vomiting. The rest of the family will also be very careful. And before you or anyone tells me that I need to overcome this because bugs are everywhere whether I like it or not- why not first take some responsibility for keeping the virus contained by staying home if you are sick, have a sick child or even have been around someone who has been sick. These bugs take some time to incubate.

Even those who are not emetophobic agree simply because they don’t want to get sick and take care of a sick spouse and/or sick kid either. No one wants the stress that comes with it! Not to mention, missing work days cost employers money. Even if you have a lot of sick time, the idea of catching up on a shitload of work after recovering from that crud is not a very nice one either.

In regards to colds, I can understand that you or your kid can’t stay home for having a cold. Even schools have loose policies for colds because even though they are a pain in the ass, they are not debilitating like a stomach virus. I have some sympathy for a parent who sent a seemingly healthy child to school and out of no where the child pukes and is then sent back home. The parent would not have known otherwise.

My beef is with those who send their puking kids to school simply because they can’t be bothered staying home with the kids. That is wrong, inconsiderate and disgusting! The fact that I am emetophobic is even irrelevant, because no one wants that crud in their home!

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