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Are you and your family members dog lovers? And do you all enjoy playing a cool card game every now and then? Then you are going to absolutely love this newest creation! The newest creation that you are going to want to get your hands on is called Dogs of the Galaxies.

Dogs of the Galaxies is a card game about intergalactic dog breeds whereas the players will take turns drawing cards as well as describing the dogs in them without showing the pictures. And, the one who draws the card will also pretend that they are the dog by mimicking the facial expression of the dog that they are describing.

The point of this game is that those who play it are meant to compete with one another by outdoing one another by creating the most eccentric names for the dogs described as well as making the funniest sounds that these dogs would make. And the player that comes up with the weirdest name, or sound, wins a point or points for each round of the game and whoever gets the first 10 points is the winner of the game!

What happens to the one who loses the game or the one that has the least amount of points? Well, the poor individual has to wag their tail while barking and literally saying woof just like a dog. That is one reason you will want to win this game so you don’t end up having to wag your tag and bark like a dog!

Dogs of the Galaxies is the perfect card game for any occasion! It can be for birthday parties, general get-togethers or something fun for the family to do on a holiday. Not only is it fun for kids but it has some educational benefit! Parents can use it to help kids learn how to communicate ideas better when kids describe the dog. And, if you don’t have a family of your own but you have plenty of friends, you could have so much fun with this game as well!

Your friends and family will absolutely love this game because not only is it fun and unique but the art is really amazing and quite admirable! And if you don’t believe it, well let’s go and read some testimonials written by some of the top gamers about Dogs of the Galaxies below:

Really, really unique. Really funMichael J. Wright, reviewer of Unfiltered Gamer

I had a blast playing Dogs of the GalaxiesLance Myxter, reviewer of Undead Viking

This was a lot of funChris Backe, reviewer of Games Previewed

And, you can see some reviews of the game by searching for “Dogs of the Galaxies” on Youtube as well!

And the game also features 3 card types which are common, the epic which is a little more interesting, and of course legendary which is really unique! There are 50 common cards, 30 epic cards, and 15 legendary cards!

chicken dog

In order to learn more about Dogs of the Galaxies and how to play the game, be sure to visit the Dogs of the Galaxies website as well as the Kickstarter program! You will be glad you did because now you will have added something brand new and cool to do when you are looking for an activity to do with your family or friends! Dogs of the Galaxies is a lot of fun! Whoever gets 10 points wins the game.


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