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Moths can do a lot of damage to store clothes if you don’t do it properly. And when it comes to clothes storage, moth pest control can be very easy if you know how to do it. Storing clothes is essential if you have a small home, which is more common in big cities like London. If you don’t protect your stored clothes, you will end up having to have moth fumigation as a form of moth treatment, which could damage your clothes.

We want to share with you some pest control methods you can use for clothes storage to prevent moths from doing damage whilst still remaining organized.


Before you put clothes into storage, it’s best to wash them. Either do this in the washing machine or pop down to the dry cleaners. Moths love sweat and dirt, so the more dirty or smelly your clothes are, the more attracted moths will be. Even clothes that have deodorant or perfume on them can be stained over time, and moths just love this dust and dirt.


If you don’t need the clothes, why are you storing them? Clothes that haven’t been worn for a year should be thrown away. Be ruthless and get rid of much clutter as you can. This gets rid of a lot of temptation for moths, and the fewer clothes there are, the fewer places there are for the moths to hide.

Choosing Storage


Storing clothes doesn’t mean throwing them into a cupboard and leaving them there for a few months. You really need to consider your storage options. The best one you could choose is vacuum pack bags. They save a lot of space, and can’t be infiltrated by moths. If you don’t want your clothes to be wrinkled, opt for large, sealed plastic boxes that moths won’t be able to get into.

Choosing The Location


Where you store your clothes matters. Moths are more prone to infest dark places. So putting your clothes in the shed or garage probably isn’t the best idea. Try storing your clothes somewhere that has light, or if you want to put them in the loft, check on them every so often just to make sure there’s no moth damage.

Once you’ve stored your clothes properly, you won’t have to worry about any sort of moth damage, and can revisit your clothes in perfect condition the next time you want them.

The following video will explain this more:

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