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You may be practicing the same beliefs in your own home that you had grown up with, or you have found other spiritual truths and are using them in your home. Either way, you are exposing your kids to whatever belief you have- whether you are following an organized religion like Christianity, Islam or Judaism, or you are following a completely different spiritual path that you have developed over time.

And, it is good to expose your kids to your beliefs and the traditions that you keep due to your faith- if there are any at all. As long as you teach your kids to be kind to others and not to harm others! However, be aware of the strong possibility that your kids will end up at some point looking for their own spiritual truths which may be very different from yours.

They really need to explore their own spiritual meaning of life and find their own beliefs to shape who they are. Like for instance, I became very interested in Wicca and paganism when I was an older teen and in my early 20’s. I became interested in the spellwork, and their philosophy and how they worshiped the Earth. In fact, I loved the idea at the time of a how to spell marriage cast since I was really wanting to get into a serious relationship.

This love and marriage cast was not meant to manipulate the person who you had a crush on to become your partner for life. It was only to help you find your true mate and I believed at the time there was a lot of truth to these spells- and on some level, I still believe in it. But again, it is never to be used to manipulate others. That is not what paganism and Wicca is all about. Their philosophy is to never cause harm to anyone. And, all of their spell work is meant to heal in some way whether it is for love, finances, or health.

Anyway, that is my history of how I started to look for my own spiritual truth. I am not a pagan or Wiccan, that did not turn out to be the right fit for myself but I am glad that I was able to explore. And, I also believe that is how I started getting into tarot card reading and my astrological studies.

In fact, I still haven’t completely found my spiritual truth. And I have a feeling I will be looking for it for a long time. I am also encouraging my daughter to find out her spiritual truth as well. That is because, at the right time, she will be looking for it as well as I have. And, all kids will at some point in their lives.

As a parent, especially if you are very strict with your religious beliefs, you may not be happy about this fact. However, you have to remember that your kids are their own independent individuals and they need to find their own truth, just as you have!

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