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Most expecting moms have created a baby gift registry. However, you can always surprise them with highly unique and extremely useful products that they absolutely love, which will come from which is a boutique baby product company that has many eco-friendly and unique products.

What kind of products are sold you are wondering? Let’s talk about the first one which is the portable clean hands 3-in-1 diaper clutch, changing pad, and diaper time play-mat. This product is not an ordinary diaper changing pad because it provides the benefits of a diaper clutch, a regular portable changing mat, and an adjustable redirection barrier that is well designed to hang toys in order to pacify your baby during a diaper change.

This All-In-One product is made of 100{716a4ab685473790f3722cbe1206c48872e89f3f58f906124c78c25190a55370} polyester and it is very easy to clean. The diaper clutch will fold small in order to fit in a diaper bag, and you will be able to fold in supplies for diapering. It features a stroller to wrist strap and a very large change pad that is water-resistant. Additionally, the pad is made of a quarter of an inch thick foam pill to keep the baby comfortable on the surface during changing.

You can also fold the diaper-time playmat easily as the sides will fold up so it can create a barrier wall that is adjustable. And, there are loops for toys in order to attach teethers and toys to keep the baby busy and distracted while changing the diaper.

The design is also brilliant as it features two toy links, and is made with smooth velcro fasteners, and the closure is elastic in order to allow mom, dad, or the baby’s caregiver to add more diapering supplies inside without them getting crushed. And, that is just one amazing product that comes from

The other product is the Yellow Songs At Sea waterproof and reusable infant cloth diaper 4-piece set. This all in one cloth diaper set is extremely soft, and gentle so it will not irritate the baby in any way. And these cloth diapers are made with natural and safe materials that are absorbent. Inside of the diaper is lined with natural cotton which will keep the baby comfortable, dry, and will prevent the baby’s skin being irritated. And, if you use the bamboo hemp inserts as well, it will make the diapers even more absorbent and will not bother the baby at all! All that needs to be done is to wash it, dry it, and it can be used over and over again.

You will also see from that you can find other amazing products that make excellent baby shower gifts such as natural bamboo feeding sets that have different themes such as polar bears, hamsters, tigers, or hippos. This site also sells natural and eco-friendly baby carriers, diaper bags, and pillows.

If you want to see what else this site offers, and if you have a friend or family member that is expecting soon (or if you are the one expecting and you want to start prepping early which is a great idea), why not navigate the site to see what else it can offer?

You can often find items for sale, and you can pay with PayPal, Apple Pay, Shopify, AMEX, Visa, or Mastercard. However, you will want to order quickly, because depending on where you live, it can take up to 2 to 4 weeks for the delivery. You can learn more about their policies by visiting their FAQ page.

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