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The fact of the matter is, online computers are part of people’s everyday lives. With that said, it is crucial that kids receive formal keyboarding instruction in this day and age. If kids do not learn those skills, they will not be able to complete sentences as they type it out properly because they will have a hard time looking for keys. And, when kids gain those skills, they become quick and fluid with their typing output and as a result, they will be able to take the time to focus on what they want to type out instead of wasting time searching for keys.

This is how Keyboard Kritters plays a vital role in teaching kids on how to acquire the necessary typing skills that they need so that they can type fluidly, quickly, and easily and be able to share their thoughts without having to worry where the keys are located on the keyboard.

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The best time for kids to learn keyboarding skills is between the 3rd and 6th grade. In fact, it is really critical that they learn these skills within that time frame because this is no longer is this a skill that can be taught in middle or high school. Children need to be taught proper finger positions before they acquire bad habits that are hard to break.

However, kids that are very young, or have dyslexia can learn the basics of keyboarding. Keyboard Kritters uses a story that is engaging to help very young students become familiar with the keyboard layout. In fact, it teaches kids pre-keyboarding skills such as phonics, letter identification, and handwriting so they understand where the letters are located on the keyboard. This kit uses 5 different memory techniques to allow very young children or children with dyslexia to master the layout of the keyboard. No subscription, multiple children, nothing more to buy ever.

The way Keyboard Kritters works is that it utilizes two different types of memory aids in order to help kids understand where the letter placements on the keyboard. The idea is that the kids will begin to associate where each of the Kritters resides on Keyboard Street so that they know master each of the rows and know it off by heart. This is done by the kids remembering each of the gifts and foods that each Kritter takes to a housewarming party thrown by a character, Lon.

An example which is seen in the FAQ section of the Keyboard Kritters website is that Alligator is the first house on the street, and she goes upstairs, takes a Quilt, and goes downstairs to the kitchen and grabs the Zucchini bread. Once the students practice this more and more, that is when they will know how to type fluidly and quickly because they would have mastered the location of the keys on the keyboard off by heart.


Teachers and parents must know about how valuable KeyboardKritters is, and they will want to make sure that they invest in the program in order to provide kids the best opportunity to become excellent typists so they don’t need to ever waste time and energy looking for keys and will focus their energy on getting their thoughts out instead!

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