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When you are dealing with an injury due to the misconduct of someone else, you should never have to pay the price for it. That is why you need a personal injury attorney. And if you are located in Lexington, KY, then you will want to only go to the personal injury attorney who will truly help and fight on your behalf in every way possible. This is why you will want to immediately contact the Glenn Martin Hammond Law Office. 

And, as soon as you end up with the injury due to someone else’s misconduct, you will want to give Glenn Martin Hammond Law Office a call immediately. The last thing you will want to do is wait and risk attempting to make a claim past the Kentucky statute of limitations deadline which is highly complex. 

In order to have some understanding of the Kentucky statute of limitations, you will need to know about the following deadlines:

  • You only have one year to file a lawsuit after ending up with an injury due to the effects of medical malpractice or negligence. 
  • With certain types of traffic accident situations, you only have two years to make a claim. 
  • If you are an adult who is a victim of sexual assault, you have five years to make the claim from the incident or five years after the perpetrator makes him or herself known. 
  • If you were sexually assaulted as a child, you have until your 28th birthday to file a lawsuit. 

However, there are some exceptions where the statute of limitations can be delayed and that would have to depend on the circumstance. But again, the sooner you are in touch with these elite group of personal injury attorneys, the better off you will be in the end because you will see justice!

Another thing you can be assured of when you contact the Glenn Martin Hammond Law Office is that they know all of the tricks that corporate defendants and insurance companies utilize to reduce the value of your claim or worse, deny it! For instance, one trick they use is by taking advantage of the statute of limitations. 

Since they are well aware of the statute of limitations, they will find ways to keep stalling by making sure that you miss the deadline. Another trick they pull is that they will tell you to add one of their so-called representatives as a friend on Facebook or LinkedIn, or on any other social network so they can spy on your account to find “evidence” that your injuries are not so serious. And they know of many other tricks to pull which the Glenn Martin Hammond Law Office personal injury attorneys are well aware of.  

The sooner you call them after being harmed by someone else’s misconduct, the better off you will be and find that justice is served. They serve clients that live in all areas of Lexington, KY which includes Zandale, Cardinal Valley, and Bryan Station. 

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