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I am taking this opportunity to give you my current take on, even though I raved about it back last spring. Well, I have a different opinion about it now. It downright sucks. Okay, well I will admit that I am not into this cryptocurrency thing, and not sure how much of it I buy into but that is not why I dislike it.

Steemit is full of fake and pretentious users, and bullies. But before I get into why I feel this way about the users, I will explain it you on how to supposedly make “money” from this platform. Steemit is a blockchain-based blogging platform. You are earning rewards (currency called Steem)┬áby posting and curating relevant content, as well as from other users who upvote your content. You also strengthen your profile by voting others too, and you are given a reputation number based on the kind of content you create, how often you participate and by who upvotes your content.

Those who have strong profiles that upvote you will help strengthen your profile, which will increase your reputation level. This all sounds good, right? You are probably wondering what the issue is since it sounds great! Well, the thing is, like everything else, the intention that the creators of Steemit had was to keep the platform clean, high-quality and real.

However, the problem is, like anything else, things change and the atmosphere of Steemit changed as well. It started to reek of greed, pride, deceit and just turned into an ugly environment overall.

Many of the users started showing their true colors by chastising those who didn’t agree with them. Therefore, they started flagging posts written by bloggers that they didn’t like. And then you had cliques form for the purpose of helping clique members build their reputations and profile strengths. And there is honestly nothing wrong with that. However, those who run these cliques will ruthlessly chastise you, humiliate you, and kick you out if they feel you are not participating enough. They also don’t give two shits if you are too busy due to stuff happening in your life and you don’t have time to help out. Even if you tell them this fact, they will still kick you out and mock you because you failed to live up to their expectations. Yep, that was not only my experience but the experience that many others had as well. And by the way, this is not the worst of it.

What these users do is create bots and sockpuppets, and power those up so they can upvote their own accounts, which will strengthen their own accounts. The big boys (and girls) in Steemit are called Whales and Dolphins, and I would bet that these Whales and Dolphins have a bunch of bots and sockpuppet accounts lined up that are automatically upvoting their content as it goes out so they can gain more power. Boy is that ever time-consuming.

So what Steemit has turned into is a place that is filled with low-tolerance (flagging), bullying (kicking out of cliques if you aren’t participating enough and being publicly shamed at the same time), deceit (oh the list is long on this one ranging from those who pretend to help you but stab you in the back to creating bots and sock puppets to give you power) and judgemental assholes! It sucks, and quite frankly even if Steem is a real currency, I can bet you that I am making far more money by doing my freelancing writing work and working for less time than I would be if I were to be spending 24/7 on Steemit. That would mean me powering up my account by creating bots and sockpuppets, and participating on the platform while I was sacrificing my real life! No thanks! Steemit is a fail.

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