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Written by Lorina Troy

National Hydrocephalus Awareness is this September, and I have deemed it the best time to intimate share with the story of my family.

A member of my family was wrongly diagnosed and that single mistake changed the lives of our family forever. Due to the wrong diagnosis, my kids were taken from us. My boys were subjected to foster care for about 5 months. The doctors had hurriedly given a wrong diagnosis and it was causing a devastating blow to our entire family.

Physicians should learn to conduct medical diagnosis with proper attention, particularly when they know that their diagnosis could cause havoc to an entire family. To this effect, I’d love to bring to your notice to a couple of cases where hydrocephalus diagnosis was not properly conducted as expected, the resulting medical consequences that were faced by the child, as well as how such decisions still impact families negatively.

A day I would never forget was the day our kids were put in foster care. I sobbed uncontrollably, seeing my boys cry as the officials took them away. I missed my kids every single day. Our house became as quiet as a graveyard. My husband tried objecting to the boys’ being taken into foster care, but his bravery was regarded as an assault and an offense against the law. We sourced for different attorneys, hoping that we could find an attorney that can prove his innocence, as well as reverse the misdiagnosis that had been done on my son.

My husband is a Bachelor’s Degree holder in Criminal Justice, who had earned top-secret clearance with the military and government. When he was leaving the job, he had completely lost hope in the system he had trusted all his life. Selling our house was the only way we could pay our attorney for his services. Fortunately, we had a very caring family and they were always ready to support us through our difficult and trying times. As you would expect, my entire family members slowly picked up ourselves from the sad experience which was the product of a physician’s wrong diagnosis.

There were a couple of times when I and my husband felt like the whole experience was more than we could bear. But the experience only made us stronger. We have become so emotionally strong that we can use our past situation to advise others who are facing a similar situation. We drew our inspiration from our prayers, our faith and the support of our loved ones. We learned how not to give up on any situation. No matter how bad. We always expected a miracle.

More than one million persons are with Hydrocephalus according to current diagnostic records. This condition comes in various types. My boy has Benign External Hydrocephalus of Infancy, an unusual accumulation of the cerebrospinal fluid outside the brain. This disorder is experienced during birth and could be occasioned by certain events or activities that happen within fetal development, birth complication, or genetic disorders. Acquired hydrocephalus can be formed during the birthing period or some other point afterward. This hydrocephalus is able to affect individuals of every age group and could be a result of birth complications. I’d love to increase people’s knowledge of Medical Misdiagnosis, delay of required treatment, the unimaginable impact it could cause patients’ families, and to assist families who are going through the same experience.


Lorina Troy, a loving mother of two, is the author of Miracles of Faith: Our Child Was Misdiagnosed and It Greatly Affected Our Lives, available on her website at

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