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Have you heard of the book, Fussy Willikers: The Baby Sock Thief? If not, you will be in for a treat!

The book, Fussy Willikers: The Baby Sock Thief is written by Ryan and Ashley McLemore, and is illustrated by Yuqi Lu.

This is a story about answering one of the greatest mysteries in the history of the world…where do baby socks go when they go missing? At first, there were two glorious socks. The parent turns his or her back for a minute. Lo and behold, the next time the small pair of feet are seen, one is exposed to the world like it’s daring anyone to cover it. But the baby foot nakedness couldn’t be the baby’s fault. And it couldn’t be the foot’s fault. So who is the culprit?

Parents will enjoy reading and sharing wonderful illustrations about the grumpy, mischievous, singular-minded creature known as Fussy Willikers. Children will fall in love with this character as they discover his real intent for taking baby socks. Maybe Fussy is not as bad as he seems. Maybe.

You will not want to miss out on getting this book, and you can order it right here on Amazon.

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