Gone are the days when the pet products in your home only included a food bowl, a leash, a cage, and a tennis ball or mouse on a stick. Pet technology — commonly referred to as “pettech” — is a phenomenon that joins artificial intelligence and veterinary equipment to improve the lives of pets. It typically unlocks a new level of animal health and wellbeing by allowing you to track the health, lifestyle habits, and overall happiness of your furry friend.

There are four main categories that are targeted by pettech companies, including:

  1. Home health care: These products monitor the health and allow better analytics for veterinarians, such as at-home health tests, trackers, and calming devices.
  2. Owner convenience: Included in this category are products that take care of daily tasks, such as automatic feeders and litter boxes.
  3. Communication and entertainment: These smart toys keep pets entertained when home alone. This category also includes cameras that let you check on your pet when you’re away.
  4. Safety: Safety products keep pets protected inside and outside, including location monitors, training collars, and electronic fences.

Pet technology is a growing industry, with spending on pets in 2017. The global market is an estimated $109 billion and will probably increase as technology continues to advance. With these innovations hitting the shelves, check out some additional gadgets that can improve your pets’ health and happiness in the accompanying resource.