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The playground is first and foremost a place for kids to concentrate on being kids, cutting loose and expending all their energy by playing with one another. Yet behind all of that fun, there are some important elements going on in the background that can help children’s development. Outdoor play not only gives kids much-needed exercise — which is more important now than ever with all the screen time kids get — but playing with their friends outside helps build social skills and cognitive abilities. Time spent outside on the playground keeps kids active and helps stimulate their growth in many ways. With that in mind, it’s very important for parents to remember to give their kids some time on the swings and slides on a regular basis.


At the same time, playgrounds can be dangerous places if children and parents aren’t careful. It’s up to parents to be responsible when letting their children play on the playground, as well as teach their children to play safely. Checking equipment before using it, taking turns when using a slide, and giving swing sets a wide berth when walking in front or behind them are all fundamentals parents and children should keep in mind to make their trips to the playground fun and safe. Here are some basic playground safety tips to remember whenever you and your children head to the playground. They’ll continue to have fun and boost their development, and you’ll feel secure knowing that they’ll be safe as they do so.

Playground Safety Checklist created by Kenneth J. Allen Law Group



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