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Lisa Athan Expressive Mom

On the latest The Expressive Mom Show, the topic covered was one that is considered to be viewed as quite grim. However, it was a very important one to touch, as it was about death, dying and grief- and how important it is for parents to understand how to help their kids understand that death happens, as well as grief. My guest on the show was Lisa Athan, and she is a Grief Recovery Specialist. Some of what Lisa and I discussed during the podcast may have been considered slightly graphic due to the fact that we touched on areas that naturally make many others uncomfortable. However, the topic of death is one we all have to deal with. Parents really need to help their children understand that death is a reality, and not anything to be feared.

Lisa has experience working in the fields of bereavement, addictions and mental health. Lisa worked at Fair Oaks Hospital in Summit, New Jersey in the outpatient recovery unit working with people dealing with drug and alcohol addiction and their families. Lisa also worked at The Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders in Livingston, NJ and ran groups for people dealing with eating disorders and their families. Lisa worked at Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ on the in-patient psychiatric unit as a counselor and facilitated daily group therapy, and met hundreds of teens and adults suffering with often unacknowledged and unresolved grief which presented itself through addictions, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, psychosis, self injurious behavior including suicide attempts. Lisa is currently writing a book for teens, their parents and teachers on grief, loss and other tough stuff that teens experience. Please listen to the podcast below, it is very important.

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