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On the last Expressive Mom Show, Miriam Slozberg coveredg the topic of parenting and depression. In fact, a blog post recently was written up on depression and motherhood. The guest for that show was Jasmin Pierre from New Orleans, who is an advocate for clinical depression and she discussed the truth about the affects of depression among new mothers (post partum depression), mothers parenting children with special needs, and depression in children as well. This is a valuable show to listen to, especially if you or you suspect someone who is facing depression.

Pierre stresses that depression is very real and can never be ignored, because it can become quite dangerous. She also discussed if you suspect a child is going through depression, the signs to look for in that case. Please listen to the podcast below.

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Jasmin did not have any links of her own to share, however, please go to this resource if you or someone who you know is suffering from depression.

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