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On the last Expressive Mom Show, I had a great interview with Dr. Odey Raviv, who is a highly skilled learning specialist residing in New York. Dr. Raviv has over 30 years experience in his field, and we discussed the realities of raising children with special needs and learning differences. I have pointed out many times through past blog posts and podcasts that parents who are raising children with special needs or learning differences are unable to do it alone. As you know the saying it takes a village to raise children, well sometimes it takes several communities when it comes to raising children with special needs!

The goal for every child regardless whether they have special needs or not is to help them grow into independent and self confident adults. However, parents raising children with special needs require extra support in order to help make that happen. Dr. Raviv was able to point out some great tips for parents to help encourage their children to do well and to grow into confident adults. He also pointed out some facts about ADHD and how it affects boys differently than girls who have the diagnosis during the podcast, among other facts about autism and other learning differences.

Unfortunately, because the show is only a half hour long, only basic tips were made. However, Dr. Raviv doesn’t only help families residing in New York. He can help parents globally through Skype or phone. Listen to the podcast below.

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