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Expressive Mom Lauren Sonnenberg

On the latest episode of the Expressive Mom Show, Miriam Slozberg covered depression among parents who are raising children with special needs. She interviewed Lauren Sonnenberg, LMHC, D.PSc, CAP the founder of LifeCore and spoke about how to cope with depression in that situation by using effective techniques.

The fact of the matter is, depression among parents, especially mothers who are raising children with special needs is very common. Before having children, it is easy to have expectations and dreams about children that do not yet exist. Once it is discovered that the child has some kind of special need such as autism or even ADHD, especially when it comes to severe cases- dreams are broken and parents will grieve. Not to mention, there is added stress in lives because raising children with special needs can be extremely challenging. That also adds to depression among parents, especially mothers. Lauren talks about how to cope with depression and how to work with feelings of grief, disappointment, and stress. She talks about a technique called EFT (emotional freedom technique) and it an be an effective way to neutralize negativity that is felt often. She covers some of the spiritual aspects as well which made the podcast even more interesting.

Lauren Sonnenberg is a licensed psychotherapist (Licensed Mental Health Counselor-LMHC), Diplomat of Pastoral Science & Medicine (D.PSc), Certified Addictions Professional (CAP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner, & wellness consultant. Lauren specializes in the treatment of chronic pain and serious illness, including cancer and ailments such as migraine headaches, arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, IBS, neck, back & sciatic pain. Listen to the podcast if you feel or you know someone who is in this situation.

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