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From Trauma To Triumph: New Memoir Shares How To Become Your Own Healer In Times Of Darkness

The Unspoken: A Soul’s Reflection on Healing from Abuse, Neglect, and Chronic Pain

It is not uncommon for you to have thought something along these lines. Trauma comes in many forms, and everyone has experienced it on some level. Unfortunately, many of us ignore or downplay situations or circumstances in our lives that are emotionally traumatic. If left untreated, this trauma can cause havoc on our minds and bodies, causing physical symptoms of pain and making us feel uneasy, anxious, and unfulfilled.

Ashley Haseotes shares her experience of hitting rock bottom and coming to terms with the reality of her trauma in The Unspoken. She becomes debilitatingly ill with chronic migraines and vertigo for months, suffering deeply and feeling overwhelmed. Her life purpose lost, unable to work and take care of her children, she struggles with feelings of failure and insurmountable stress.

Ashley’s journey catalyzes breathtaking spiritual healing through chronic pain. It’s a memoir about surviving the storm and emerging reborn—to be healed. Every page offers an opportunity for your own healing if you are willing to put in the effort.

About Ashley Haseotes

Ashley Haseotes is an intuitive energy healer, Chopra Center certified meditation coach and The Unspoken author. After collapsing into chronic pain from excessive overworking and suppressed childhood trauma, Ashley underwent transformative spiritual healing. In recounting this experience, her memoir emerged.

Drawing upon her own experience, Ashley is devoted to helping others work through difficult experiences and deep trauma. As a personal coach, Ashley helps clients who feel stuck, struggling, or undergoing major life shifts. And through the charity she founded, One Mission, Ashley allows children and families to navigate pediatric cancer and heal after treatment. You can learn more about her book here:

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