MandaLogi is an interlocking system and a brand new product that will help children develop fine motor skills, endurance, and concentration at the very least. The MandaLogi is a mandala interlocking system with which kids can create 3D mandalas, that can be filled with sand- wet or dry, or any material which could include flowers, stones, leaves and so on after it is set up with the plug bars.

Children, parents, and teachers will love the MandaLogi because it is easy to transport, so it can be taken inside or outside- or be put on the table or the floor. That means kids can start working on it one day and finish it the next day.  It is also made from a very high-quality material, and is almost 50 cms diameter!

MandaLogi Expressive Mom

Any child can create a beautiful mandala, and every MandaLogi will be unique. Another wonderful thing about this product is that it helps encourage creativity and imagination in kids. It also trains sensory perception and attentiveness, and it creates a sense of community. When kids are creating their beautiful mandalas, they will get a sense of success which is important for their self-esteem.

The interlocking system comes with 16 straight plug bars which can be used to divide the MandaLogi into halves, quarters or eights. It also comes with 8 curved plug bars that can divide the plate into two circles or fewer pieces that can be arranged into different segments. There are also 8 cups that come with the product so it can be placed inside of the MandaLogi.

MandaLogi Expressive Mom

If you are looking for a good product which kids can use during their time, so they can express their creativity and let it flow – the MandaLogi is the one to get. It is unique, and if kids do not want to read books or solve puzzles that they see every day then this is the right product to help keep them busy. They will enjoy it and be proud of the masterpieces that they end up creating.

Not to mention, buying gifts for kids can be challenging and this idea is a perfect one! The MandaLogi is a great gift for a birthday, Christmas, or Hannukah, or for any occasion.

There are absolutely no limits when it comes to creativity, and your kids will discover that when they are working with the MandaLogi. Contact us if you have any questions about the MandaLogi.