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If you are a resident of Richmond, VA, and you are looking to go to the best dental office in the city, then you will only want to consider going to River Run Dental Spa. This dental spa in Richmond has been recognized as one of the top dental offices in the Top Dentist in Richmond Magazine. Additionally, this dental spa was ranked as one of the best in the Best Dentist in Style Weekly’s annual Readers Choice Awards.

That is because of the fact that the 7 dentists at this dental spa are highly experienced and are very friendly. Additionally, you are going to get top-notch treatment. This dental spa offers many types of services such as general dentistry, implant dental services, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, as well as Invisalign® treatments. 

River Run Dental Spa is also highly known for its teeth whitening treatments in Richmond. In fact, you will not get better service elsewhere as they offer the Zoom professional teeth whitening procedures. 

The great thing about Zoom professional teeth whitening it is painless and very quick. All that needs to be done is that the dentists will isolate the gums and the lips as the first step. Then after the fact, a whitening gel which contains hydrogen peroxide that is powerful will be applied and light will activate it. 

After that part is done, an application of fluoride will complete the work and will be in place for about five minutes. After that is done, the treatment will be done. Patients find a huge difference in their teeth based on how much whiter it is just after one treatment, and only after one treatment!

And the great thing about Zoom is that it can work patients who have discolored teeth from a variety of causes such as having stains from smoking, coffee, soda, and wine consumption. It is extremely safe, it will last a long time, and it is highly effective. 

The only thing to be aware of is that your teeth and gums may be somewhat sensitive after a few days of the treatment. However, the dentist will prescribe toothpaste that is easy on sensitive gums and teeth in order to minimize the discomfort. After a few days, the sensitivity should disappear.

The other appealing thing about Zoom is that it is fast and should not take more than an hour to complete which means you can have the treatment done during your lunch break. The office hours at River Run Dental Spa are also accommodating and do not hesitate to contact the friendly staff as they will get back to you as soon as possible. They will also answer all of your questions fully and in detail. And they will also provide you with a comfortable atmosphere when you do have your treatments as it is a known fact that the dentist office can bring a lot of anxiety to patients. 

However, at River Run Dental Spa, you do not need to worry about that. 

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