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Expressive Mom

This morning as I was minding my own business, I opened up my email and I was yet shocked and amused at the same time for receiving something just downright stupid and hateful. I had written a controversial article on one of the online magazines I write for several weeks ago, and some snowflake was so offended by it that she emailed me personally to spew all kinds of hate towards me with the subject line title Really?.

I didn’t even bother really reading the email carefully because what was the point? I reported it though because I don’t take email abuse lightly. I will do what I can to be as diplomatic as possible since I am sure she will be reading this. But sweetie, get a life!

Well, I guess I could not be so diplomatic. Maybe I don’t score points for being civil anymore like I once did. But seriously get a life. There are going to be other controversial articles written by others in millions of other places. If any of those piss you off, are you going to harass the writers too?

People like you obviously have nothing better to do all day than to harass those who offended you indirectly. It’s not like a bully was harassing you or something and you had to stand up for yourself.

You need to grow a set, and grow the hell up at the same time. Oh and get a hobby too.

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