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If you are a resident of Pensacola, Florida, and your kids need orthodontic work, the only place to have that done is Sims Orthodontics. This where the best orthodontist is in Pensacola, and if you are wondering why you must take your child to the orthodontist rather than the dentist for any type of oral irregularities, it is because there is a big difference between the two. 

A dentist treats many dental ailments and provides an examination for your mouth and teeth each time you have an appointment to make sure your oral and dental health is up to par. However, an orthodontist takes it a step further and treats any type of oral irregularities such as bite issues, teeth that are crooked, or other oral issues that a dentist would not be able to treat. 

A dentist finishes dental school, however, dentists that want to become orthodontists have to continue on with their education and stay in orthodontic residency. And it is not easy to continue on with this residency program because studying orthodontics is quite rigorous. With that said, any orthodontist that graduates at the very top is the best around such as Dr. Clay Sims of Sims Orthodontics. 

That is why you will want your child to go to Dr. Clay Sims to get treated for orthodontic work, and he will treat adults that need that type of work as well. And it is true that most work that involves orthodontics means that the patient will need braces to fix any dental or oral irregularities.

However, the good news is that if you or your kids do not want to have the traditional metal braces, then there is the Invisalign® option. 

Dr. Sims can offer patients Invisalign in Crestview instead of the traditional braces. The great thing about Invisalign® is that it is an effective orthodontic treatment that is designed and engineered to fit your particular mouth. Additionally, it is not only clear, but it is removable, and comfortable to the point that it is easy to forget that you are wearing it. 

That also means that you do not have to alter your lifestyle when it comes to using Invisalign®. You can always take the device out when you are going to be eating, drinking, or going to a special occasion. And, it is also so effective that your teeth can be straightened in a year or even less. 

That is a much better option than traditional braces that you need to wear on average from 18 to 24 months to achieve straightened teeth, and you do have to give up many foods you enjoy such as whole fruits, nuts, gum or chewy foods, and hard candies. Not to mention, the metal braces stand out.

However, in some cases, metal braces may be the best option. And the only way to find that out is by having a consultation with Dr. Sims. Either way, he is the best orthodontist in Pensacola, Florida. 

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