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You are the mom of a little angel, so you would definitely look for ways to boost his or her brain or cognitive development.  A baby’s brain is composed of billions of neurons at the birth time, and in order to build their neural synapses (that is the wiring of neurons), you need to work out hard especially in the initial years.

Practicing various tactics and activities will help to develop strong neural connections in your little one’s brain. Here some easy to follow and fun-filled learning activities are presented that will get your baby a super brain power.

1. Give Your Baby Exposure to Colors

Colors, textures, and patterns play a significant role in enhancing the cognitive development. Get a colorful picture or storybooks to show your baby. There are many kinds of board books and printable available that you can efficiently use. So, your baby will have a vast exposure to colors and shapes as well.

2. Have Regular Talks With Your Infant

Having a regular conversation with your baby will give him or her the familiarity with words and expressions. Talk to your baby while maintaining a great eye contact.

3. Read to Your Baby in A Louder Voice

Reading a book (filled with pictures and colors) in loud tone will further familiarize him with new sounds and words. This practice is crucial in strong cognitive development.

4. Give Your Infant Objects of Various Textures

Introducing a baby with different textures is another key element in building  healthy and smart brain. Grab easy-to-clean toys that your child can easily hold, feel and put into the mouth to feel the texture.

5. Make a Kitchen Treasure Basket

Another way to make baby familiar with sounds and textures is to make a kitchen treasure basket for him or for her. This basket will have baby- safe accessories like cupcakes tray, egg beater, spatula etc. This will enable your baby to explore and learn various sounds and shapes.

6.  Sing Rhymes and Songs

Songs and rhymes help in your child’s brain development by enhancing his or her learning of rhythms and language patterns. Singing rhymes or songs while moving body and fingers will enable your baby to integrate those sounds with different motor actions.

Although, there are numerous other learning activities to stimulate the brain development in babies. But babies up to 2 years of age,  the above-listed practices will surely make them smarter with strong cognitive development.

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