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Expressive Mom

A few weeks ago I joined a new blogging platform called Steemit and what is special about this place is that you get paid to blog. You are paid in cryptocurrency which you can cash out at anytime.

This platform is not like every platform you probably have tried in the past. However this one is becoming very hot. Steemit is still in the beta phase, so this is the time to join! Because once this is fully out, we will have the upper hand. The more you share good quality content (I recommend no more than once a day), and the more you interact with others, the higher up your reputation goes. That means the more value your account will hold which translates more cash to you.

I recommend that mom bloggers join this to make a nice side income. It will seem very pointless at first because you will be putting in a lot of work for little. That is at first, because if you are consistent even if you are frustrated in the beginning, the goods will end up snowballing from there. I am still in the early stages of building my account but I am seeing progress and I will keep going because I know the rewards will be great.

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