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Happy New Year! Pat yourself on the back because you made it through 2014 just fine. Whether 2014 was a good or bad year for you, you made it. I have to say I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions at all. It’s so easy to say you will make certain improvements right after the New Year with very little intention of keeping them. As a result, a week later these so-called resolutions are quickly forgotten. However, I have reflected on how 2014 had turned out. There were good moments, and not so good, like most years. I found that aside from knowing what improvements I need to make for myself, I know there is room for improvement for my parenting as well. Even though there is no such thing perfection in life, especially when it comes to parenting. I do know what mistakes I did make, and what to correct.

One thing that I must do is make sure I reach out to more parents and more support groups a lot more often. Especially for me to reach out to parents who are raising kids with special needs instead of trying to do it all myself. I know I have done a good job, however, like any parent- I don’t have all of the answers. I know I have given plenty of advice to other parents. However, one resolution I am definitely keeping for 2015 and beyond is to use the advice I have given to others. I am joining a lot more support groups, network with other parents, take more advantage of the resources around and keep learning what I possibly can learn about parenting. When it comes to raising kids, even though perfection is not a realistic goal- excellence can be achieved. There are resources for every parent regardless of where you live. All you need to do some searching on Google,- or join some local parenting groups on Facebook because everything is right there!

I am also excited to make a new announcement. On February 6, 2015 I am launching a new podcast called The Expressive Mom Podcast: Talking about being a mom, parenting, parenting of children with disabilities and more. I will be sending more information on the podcast very soon.

I wish you success not only in parenting, but in all areas of your life in 2015!

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